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Tony Moffat tonymoffat at bigpond.com
Thu May 18 14:48:20 AEST 2023

This is Australian although advertised in an American magazine.

I think 'Madame' might be male

'Madame' advises that in sporting contests if the participants are rated as
to the likelihood of a result that is beneficial then the involvement of
certain numbers will also be beneficial in gaining the result you seek. Low
numbers are best. That's how s/he wrote it.

Meaning if you include enough possibilities then a winning result is

The involvement is by (a) multiplication, the best (1) is multiplied by the
next best (2) and the number is recorded. Then (b), summing the product.

 No more than 2 numbers are multiplied as the inclusion of a third number
nullifies the 'power' and a 4th number inclusion removes the 'power'
completely. Meaning you must not use the product of multiplying rank 1,2,3,4
together, in a single 'phase'- it has no discernible power s/he writes.

This became a race horse system because 'Madame' used race horse finish
positions in a demonstration in the booklet.

There is an essay regarding the varying powers of the ranked numbers -
ranked numbers mean the best is (1), the next best (2) out to rank 7. The
best, and minimum, rankings to use are those out to 4. Rankings can be
equal, be careful, and you can have equal first and/or equal third or fourth
in your calculations. 

ed races. I gave the booklet away.

I use the finish position of horses over four runs ( only the last 4 efforts
in a race are used)
I multiply rank 1&2,1&3,1&4,2&3,2&4,3&4 and record the product. You have 6
values, which are summed, and if you sort on the longest of those you get to
stay down amongst the dividends. 

Rank and Finish Position can be different. Last 4 finish position may be
4312, whereas rank position would be 1234 - we use the rank position. 1 *2 =
2, 1*3= 3, 1*4= 4, 2*3 = 6, 2*4= 8, 3*4 = 12. 2+3+4+6+8+12 =36. Low numbers
matter. The lowest would be 6.

Another way - perhaps not



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