[AusRace] Muleys Way - a system

Tony Moffat tonymoffat at bigpond.com
Sat May 20 00:28:31 AEST 2023

This is similar to another 'system' posted here in recent months.

This one goes the extra mile after being somewhat simplistic in the first
part, the second part attempts to inject some class.

(a) sum the finish position, the handicap weight, the barrier number from
its form
(b) sum the weight and the barrier for the upcoming race
(c) divide the overall race prizemoney (from its form race) by 10000
(d) divide the overall race prizemoney (for the upcoming race) by 10000

Using (a) - the sum of its finish, weight, barrier in the form race and
multiply by (c) (C)
Using (b) - the sum of its weight and barrier in the upcoming race and
multiply by (d)(D)

Compare (C) and (D) - big numbers matter.

Muley was older than me and left school before me. He was French. His mother
was Lebanese and French, His father was the power plant engineer for the
town and district and his sisters were pretty. Muley joined the French Navy
because he could do engineering on MTU engines, common there I presume and
not made of the 23000 parts that Cats and Cummins and GMs are (it must be
important). Muley was the rail engine engineer, horse breeder, horse owner
and punter with a system, water polo tragic and second worst golfer in the
world, ever. Still, he drank tea and talked horse often.

Have you ever lived in a country town where the big generators thrummed
along until 2300 then went off and darkness came. I'm surprised there aren't
more children, what with all that dark nights, bedness and things. In our
town there was a 'sub', a smaller user friendlier generator that revved on
after the big machine closed down. The 'sub' powered the essentials, some of
the Main Street, the sump pumps at the levee near the river, the aerodrome
lights, the hospital, Police Station, Post Office and the ice works. Twice a
week the lights stayed on until 0200, party time. Next week it was three
nights, wow, life in the 60's. No power meant the pictures ended at 2100,
the Club and Pubs closed, no tennis, no late night hit parades, and tv was 5
years away anyway. 

 The County Council fixed it by draping power lines off those big pylons for
miles across paddocks. Then it was on 24/7 until it wasn't because there
seemed to be a blackout weekly and was caused somewhere else  too, never in
town but 200 miles away somewhere. Once it happened in the middle of a Col
Joye and the Joyboys concert. We all had lighters so no problem. 



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