[AusRace] They never let up re crops, do they?

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   I spent a few months in Adelaide three years ago and Magic was there
every week in what appeared mostly a social capacity. He and a few mates
would be settled at a table with a bottle of white and taking it pretty
easy. I did watch him go up and have a few bets and he appeared to be
betting in very small amounts. A mate of mine who's there every week,
reckons he leaves before  the last religiously, often to go home and watch
the football.
They reckon a divorce didn't do much for his financial well being either.

On Tue, Dec 4, 2018 at 6:55 PM PhilM <punter at internode.on.net> wrote:

> "You'll remember Bob Robinson, the IBM salesman who had access to and used
> a computer before they were commonly available, and was so successful he
> had a crowd following him to copy his bets (you still here Phil?)"
> Yes Len, I haven't gone away just yet.... and quite correct, I was one of
> the most avid followers of "Mr Magic", Shirley and Co. .....to the point he
> referred to me as "bindi eyes" ;-) Like you, I changed betting strategies
> over the years many times, from following Robertson, following the Manuel
> bros; getting massive overs using teletext when interstate TAB's put up
> approximates, betting trebles and quadrellas for years based on early TAB
> odds just by comparing paper prices, then Betfair gave me the biggest lift
> possible in 2001 with some amazing returns in the first few years, flipping
> from place betting, to taking any overs bookies gave as compared to
> Betfair, moving from British racing, to Aussie racing as bookies closed
> down accounts, to correct score and 1st half/2nd half soccer odds for years
> until TABCorp finally woke up they were giving money away, then back to
> Aussie racing again. It finally got to the point that the hours worked were
> not worth the returns gained. I guess I stood still and got run over! I've
> had one bet in six months, the winner of the Melbourne Cup and have pretty
> much lost all interest if I can no longer make a decent dollar. Happy on
> the aged pension now with enough funds to tide me over and a wife that's
> more than happy as my "carer".
> If you are still going well Len, then you've likely outdone every gambler
> out there! Congratulations!
> Phil M
> p.s. Sounds as if Bob Robertson (Robinson?) has fallen a long way to be
> called a "silly old bugger" by some bookie, betting $5 e/w! Seriously?
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