[AusRace] They never let up re crops, do they?

L.B.Loveday lloveday at ozemail.com.au
Sun Dec 2 13:59:06 AEDT 2018

*Now there's idea Len. Have you got a book in you? I know they say that

most journalists have ..... and that's where it should stay,  but a

biography of life on the punt would be a winner. I'll put my order in now. *




No book in me, or more specifically, no desire.


But I hope I have yet another betting strategy in me - as you know, I've taken a number of different approaches over the years, from attending meetings far and wide, the Morphettville Audi, the Randwick HV room, single race exotics, multi-race exotics, fixed price win, place, changing bet determination criteria; if you stand still in this game you will be run over. The outline is in my head and I started writing detailed strategy yesterday; when that's done, then to program; it gets harder every time The only certainty is it will be "my baby" - almost invariably any strategy made available in the public domain quickly falls over. 


I can't remember the author's name, but an American wrote a book explaining how backing consistent horses was a winning strategy which sold heaps, then 18 months later wrote another book explaining why it was no longer a winning strategy. You'll remember Bob Robinson, the IBM salesman who had access to and used a computer before they were commonly available, and was so successful he had a crowd following him to copy his bets (you still here Phil?) and bought his own $100k (in '70's $$) computer and punched card machine. But then he sold his "Mr Magic" odds to NEWS Corp papers (to even out his income he said in justifying the inevitable "If it's so good, why sell it instead of just using it?") and ended up being referred to by an unkind bookmaker as "Silly old bugger", betting $5e/w, a far cry from the day he asked a bookmaker for $1000 @ 8/1 about his horse in the Newmarket, and the smart-arse bookmaker challenged him "Why don't you have a decent bet", so he bet $10,000 and Desirable duly saluted . 








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