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The world really has gone mad! I have found the least stressful way to deal with these people and their stupid problems is just shrug my shoulders turn and walk away.

Sometimes it is difficult or even more expensive but I count it as a victory if I refuse to play their little games.


I tell everyone the story about the radiologist who said to me they would operate if I was younger and when I replied it was no fun growing old he said to me, ”Look on the brightside the best thing about growing old is that it doesn’t last very long!” 

So I went and found a nice young surgeon who was happy to operate on me (even if it was only perhaps for the experience). He is very protective of his stats having only lost one in over one thousand on the Op table. Wish I could get those odds on my horses.


Let’s know how you and Bet365 deal with your problem?




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[AusRace] Bet365 - a joke;

At 15:13 on 30 Dec 2024, I placed a bet with Bet365, Echuca 1/1 the next day, 31 Dec, $54 @ 8.50 Place (cut back to MBL, I just ask for $200 on all bets, let their computer do the arithmetic).


Early next morning, prior to 9am, I tried to place a bet on the same horse and was correctly rejected. I'd not recorded the bet, and make so many I'd forgotten, so hit the Live Chat, thinking they had a software bug, and asked why the bet was rejected. He said wait a while, he'll check.


In the meanwhile I looked at my "Unsettled Bets", and saw yesterday's, so before he came back, sent a message "My apologies, I've just seen in the list of Unsettled Bets that I backed it yesterday (drunk?). Again, sorry to have needlessly bothered you". 


The (drunk?) was a joke, it was Christmas - New Year after all. But I'd spent the day at home, and don't drink at home other than maybe when I have visitor(s). 


But Bet365 applied "certain restrictions" to my account, specifically rejecting all bets on anything, purportedly on the basis that my throwaway "(drunk?)" indicated I was a problem gambler and needed Aunty 365 to help me. A women went through a series of ridiculous questions - Do I get excited when I win? (I don't even watch the races) Do I feel stressed if I don't bet? Does losing upset me? Does losing effect others? Do I have a need to bet?........... Said she'd call me "tomorrow" after examining my prior history. Today, 13 days later, she rang, saying she was not satisfied that I should be allowed to bet, but offered me self-exclusion for 6 months, after which I could resume betting. And kept it up - would I like to spend time considering, give her my answer tomorrow ....


20+ years ago, a female Judge of the Family Court wrote in her Reasons "Mr Loveday's gambling is not a problem. On the contrary it   has enabled the standard of living the family has enjoyed". Should I pass that onto Bet365, appeal to the NTRC, see a lawyer...? Just use bowlers, reverting to the way it was before MBL?


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