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Thu Sep 8 10:43:54 AEST 2022

Peirce Chunne is adamant he is named after an 'auto' (it was a car back
then) but Mrs Chunne told me it was an arithmetic 'something' not an 'auto'
at all and he may have been sensitive somewhat about its origin. Nevermind
that he went through school, high school in particular, and the  thorough
acid test of life in a Rugby Club using the name Reece ( or Greasy out on
the field). Anyway, look, Peirce wasn't ever the object of interest, his
sisters were. They had 'arithmetical' orientated Christian names too, and
the eldest married an Addison (!)

Mr Chunne senior (to avoid a charge of ridicule) had worked as a machinery
operator up Bendigo way but could not get a job doing the same in Melbourne.
He drove a taxi, and his children learnt to drive in that, and they lived
opposite me in Thornbury. 

Mr Chunne senior learnt of my interest, obsession, with things systematic
regarding horse race runner selection and gave me a collection of systems,
and papers related to the punt.

 He himself followed a system, and he went to the races for the last four or
so. His best fare (paymentwise) from outside the gates was a party of 4 to
Adelaide, and he has been from Flemington to Canberra several times, same
person, whom he suspects was a public figure.

His system was to choose two runners from the tipsters poll, both long
priced, and another not in the poll but short priced. He played the
quadrella which then had nine combinations and it seemed like you were
getting some runners for free. If his combinations cost more than $10 he did
not play them, but bet the constituents as solo win bets. He said he was in

He kept the silver coins from his taxi fares and these were in columns on a
low stout table. He had a collection of round 50c, not so many of the
continuous straight sided ones which are in use these days. I offered to
count and wrap them but they said no

They were from Calcutta via UK (and sold up and returned to



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