[AusRace] Professor Lollawin - I guarantee at least 98% of bets will pay - a system (Lollawin Guarantee)

Tony Moffat tonymoffat at bigpond.com
Sat Feb 26 15:40:45 AEDT 2022

* Lollawin is considered to be a made up name,of either gender.

It is all in the wording. 98% of betting events (not bets) will return a
dividend (not profit) and each event is based on the results of 4 runners in
each race.

Selection rules: Back the first and second favourites to win.

Supplementary Requirement (it's their term for it) Both horses to be ridden
by senior jockeys only

You, the owner, the facilitator, provides two runners of your choosing to
back, eg not those of first or 2nd favouritism. The Professors do provide
some ideas on arriving at your choice. Runners whose last race had good
speed(time), recent racing within 11 days is best, same class, distance.
It doesn't matter neither if the form run was with an apprentice. 

It just can't be an apprentice jockey this race.

Their suggestion, the Professors, is that your selections in the mix should
be formful horses longer in the market. These are backed to place, or on a
1:5 ratio win/place. 

I went down the easy road and chose the two longest priced runners (without
those pesky apprentices up, of course)

Up until this point in time I have checked every Australian race, and some
off shore as well (Singapore, Honkers) and have found one runner that fits
the criteria 9/2/22 second fav won 2nd longest priced placed. So, the
Professors are at 100% presently, that's pretty good, right?.

I won't keep you updated.



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