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Tony Moffat tonymoffat at bigpond.com
Mon Jul 5 22:37:17 AEST 2021

This sold for $1500. It may have been overpriced. I have the advertisement
for it, and the associated paperwork which shows the asking price. You sent
your money to The Rural Bank of NSW in Newcastle and waited. The office
address was in Newcastle also.

It was resurrected, for FREE, as 'The Bonus' amongst 24 or more systems on 6
typewritten pages. One of those systems is listed as 'The Worlds Best' - it

The Rules

(a) Consider horses priced at 10/1 or less in the paper
(b) The horse must be trained by the best trainer(s) - there is advice on
how to decide this - I used the place strike rate. Notice that 'trainers' is
(c) The horse must have placed last start.
(d) Choose your favourite jockey. The expensive version requires the jockey
to have ridden the horse previously, the FREE version makes no such
requirement except the jockey is successful this season and s/he is your

I ranked the jockeys off their win/place ratios.

Your selection comes from your choice of jockey and the runners capability
to have, at least, one or more mentions as being priced less than 10/1,
prepared by the best trainers, and having placed last start.

Another way, probably - it certainly selects a lot of places. I used the
calculated best jockey sr% in the results.\



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