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Your post did not come through to me - saw it in the Archives (I sent mine 3
times before it came back to me; apologies if anyone received it multiple
LJMeech has been a highly-rated jockey "Forever". Current have her at 123,
she has not been below 100 since 30/3/2013, her highest was 126 on
29/12/2019, so as you say, she's in a purple patch.
Previous nasty comments about my factual statements about MichelPayne being
sexist emphasise to me what a f'd-up place the West in general and Oz in
particular, has become.
My only interest in racing is to make money - I don't watch many races,
don't know what won the MC, let alone the CC or CP; front bar punters know
more about horses, trainers and jockeys than I; but I know how to analyse
data like few others. Is LJMeech the female jockey with the little-girl
voice? (the missus had Racing-com on the other day and I heard a female
jockey being interviewed)
How do you rate Linda Meech, she's a great front running rider and seems to
have had a purple patch recently?
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I've also got WC rated exactly average at 100 - or 1.00 if you prefer - on
my IV scale.
LGHenry is in a class of her own as the worse rated, M or F, as is
VBolozhinsky as the best.


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