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This may be an indication. I was trying to ascertain the correct jockey in
one of the (too many for my liking) cases in which different sources give
different names, and came across this in a Stewards Report:


Lady Dee Dee slow to begin. Performed below market expectations. Rider, L
Meech reported that after being slow to begin, her mount settled further
back than anticipated and in her opinion this was detrimental to its
chances. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.


Lady Dee Dee is an exceptionally slow beginner, but in its previous run,
after jumping true to form, last, LJMeech immediately pushed it to the lead
and ran them off their feet, winning easily. This time it, again true to
form, jumped last, but LJMeech could not, or at least did not, make it go
forward, so it stayed last, passing a few late in the race.



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A question - is LJM "a front running rider", in that when she rides horses
they tend to be more forward than they tend to be with other riders, or is
LJM a "rider of front runners" in that the horses she rides tend to race
more forward than other horses tend to?


Going back, GW's horses on average raced much more forward than JBC's to the
extent it could not be attributed to jockeys - if LJM had ridden solely for
GW, she'd have been a "front running rider", but if for JBC, she'd have been
a female RSDye, "always" flashing home from behind.


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Your post did not come through to me - saw it in the Archives (I sent mine 3
times before it came back to me; apologies if anyone received it multiple
LJMeech has been a highly-rated jockey "Forever". Current have her at 123,
she has not been below 100 since 30/3/2013, her highest was 126 on
29/12/2019, so as you say, she's in a purple patch.
Previous nasty comments about my factual statements about MichelPayne being
sexist emphasise to me what a f'd-up place the West in general and Oz in
particular, has become.
My only interest in racing is to make money - I don't watch many races,
don't know what won the MC, let alone the CC or CP; front bar punters know
more about horses, trainers and jockeys than I; but I know how to analyse
data like few others. Is LJMeech the female jockey with the little-girl
voice? (the missus had Racing-com on the other day and I heard a female
jockey being interviewed)
How do you rate Linda Meech, she's a great front running rider and seems to
have had a purple patch recently?
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I've also got WC rated exactly average at 100 - or 1.00 if you prefer - on
my IV scale.
LGHenry is in a class of her own as the worse rated, M or F, as is
VBolozhinsky as the best.


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