[AusRace] They never let up re crops, do they?

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Yeah the ATO ruling on Robertson was a disgusting injustice imho based
on what I know of the story! WTF are they trying to emulate, the
Family Court of Australia?
The one thing I remember about Tony Hains about a year before Carclew
sent him broke was Robertson placing a bet of $14,000 to $1,000 on a
two year old he owned trained by Colin Hayes having it's first start
and getting up. I never saw another bookie get even close to that sort
of risk in the Adelaide betting ring in those years. Very surprised he
survived to 2015!
Wife number 4?!! I know I've missed a lot of posts on Ausrace but that
is one massive surprise! I almost can't believe it!
Like you, 99% of horse names disappear into the ether for me. How bad
is it when I backed the winner of the Melbourne Cup and after a few
hours still can't remember the name of the horse?!
After many various single malts, and more to follow, cheers,
Phil M

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	The "silly old bugger" comment was made a long time ago - it's 41
years since Desirable won the Newmarket, and Robbie's (I no longer
know whether it was Robertson or Robinson - Jones is much easier to
remember!) son was already an adult. Apart from the fact he stood
still and got run over, he got done over by the ATO for back taxes on
his winnings (as have ZR and Walsh in well-published recent cases).
Problem was he'd made a property settlement with his wife and the ATO
said he and only he was liable for the tax, despite her share being
from punting winnings; unfair I reckon!


	Some people are good at making money, some at managing, some at both,
some at neither; they say Don Scott died broke, that Terry Page
retired from bookmaking only 3 years after shifting to the Gold Coast,
due to stress caused by losing, and A.A. (Tony) Hains , RIP (2015) who
you'll remember, was declared bankrupt….. But what great lives they
had (imo).


	I'll be working until the day I die I figure (after all I'm on formal
wife #4 and none have ever done paid work). The author of one of the
books I've proof-read (that's as close as I'll go to writing one Nick)
said when I professed a dread of having a non-fatal stroke "Huh, you!
You'd be still there punching the keyboard with your nose". 


	I've never had much interest in racing per se - don't watch many,
know less about horses/jockeys/tracks than the average front bar
punter, don't even know the sex of many jockeys as in most cases my
database records them as eg NBeriman (but MichelPayne because there
are more than one MPayne - by the way she's shot up lately, but is
still in the bottom 15% by my ratings since Weir won the MC). Years
ago I said to an erstwhile Ausracer that NBeriman had improved :his
rating". "Her" he corrected me. 




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"You'll remember Bob Robinson, the IBM salesman who had access to and
used a computer before they were commonly available, and was so
successful he had a crowd following him to copy his bets (you still
here Phil?)"


	Yes Len, I haven't gone away just yet.... and quite correct, I was
one of the most avid followers of "Mr Magic", Shirley and Co. .....to
the point he referred to me as "bindi eyes" ;-) Like you, I changed
betting strategies over the years many times, from following
Robertson, following the Manuel bros; getting massive overs using
teletext when interstate TAB's put up approximates, betting trebles
and quadrellas for years based on early TAB odds just by comparing
paper prices, then Betfair gave me the biggest lift possible in 2001
with some amazing returns in the first few years, flipping from place
betting, to taking any overs bookies gave as compared to Betfair,
moving from British racing, to Aussie racing as bookies closed down
accounts, to correct score and 1st half/2nd half soccer odds for years
until TABCorp finally woke up they were giving money away, then back
to Aussie racing again. It finally got to the point that the hours
worked were not worth the returns gained. I guess I stood still and
got run over! I've had one bet in six months, the winner of the
Melbourne Cup and have pretty much lost all interest if I can no
longer make a decent dollar. Happy on the aged pension now with enough
funds to tide me over and a wife that's more than happy as my "carer".


	If you are still going well Len, then you've likely outdone every
gambler out there! Congratulations!


	Phil M


	p.s. Sounds as if Bob Robertson (Robinson?) has fallen a long way to
be called a "silly old bugger" by some bookie, betting $5 e/w!



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