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P Q wrote recently






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Retired to stud but produced foals without tails:




And moving with the sentiment then


Gerald Murnane writing in 'Something for the Pain' - a memoir of the

(Textpublishing co)


wrote a chapter about Lord Pilate and Bill Coffey - Coffey had other

including Straight Irish which ran in Polo Prince Melbourne Cup and
ran a

close up fifth at two-hundred-to-one.


With Lord Plate Coffey returned to Flemington from NZ and on a wet
Saturday at Flemington

his horse fell at the top of the straight, it may have been bought
down. The field raced on.

Lord Pilate lay stricken and was unable to rise and those in the stand
watched through binoculars

the ensuing events, the ending was inevitable, and nor was it
ghoulish, it happens sometimes but the

vet arrived, and the track staff arrived and commenced to erect a
privacy shield, and running from the mounting

yard towards this scene was a man.


Although running is indicated it was more the stricken endeavours of a
man who needed to get there

as soon as he possibly could, and he did. We watched him kneel near
the horse and hold his head, lying there with

it while the vet readied himself and the track staff put the cloth
shield in place. They didn't impinge or stop

the actions of that man, but waited patiently until the old man, the
timber worker and part-time owner-trainer

had spent the measure of his grief.


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