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Len, it paid $17.00 fixed odds on Unibet and $17.70 on the tote.
Hilarious, I had a boosted odds bet rejected on Dalby R3/4, it was a big firmer in their market.
It ran nowhere, but I had my bet reduced by half.
But I still collected a reasonable profit by laying it on Betfair.
So they cost themselves around $500 by reducing the wager.
This has happened many times, you'd think they'd want the cash or do they only want $5 or $10 punters?

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Update - Luxbet paid up, so the trading team was overruled. Thankfully, because I'd have had to appeal to the NTRC, which makes the CSA look like a beacon of unbiased adjudication.

Today's snowflakes story:

I put $34 on at 31.00 (MBL max) on Warr 3/2 with SB, who turned it to 18.00 (that would be their autobot I presume). The lemmings followed across the board - behemoths like WH and Crown and NTRC's go-to comparison in appeals, TopSport, inter alia, turned it down virtually immediately, to 19.00 - 26.00 range (.All except BZero, who, as is usually the case, stuck to their assessment of 31.00. not turning it down until 60 minutes later, oh and newcomer SportsBetting, which has taken over ClassicBet's mantel of fauxodds at 18.40). .

It is most unlikely other punters bet at the same time as I did, so it seems that no-one except BZero and SB have opinions. $34 causes such a flurry! Snowflakes is too generous.


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One more point - all my bets are vetted and individually approved, rejected or partially accepted manually by them, whether for $1 or $1000, even when within the MBL limits.

Lux continued to bet place on a 4-horse field after a late scratching (it was already taken out of the market I bet into, so no deductions apply), with a market>200%, at a price less than TAB, which also continued to bet place.
They declared my bet a loss despite the horse running second.
Upon my complaint, instead of paying me, they voided the bet.
My bet was vetted and accepted by Luxbet by staff who had, or should have had, the same information as I, or almost certainly more.


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Wow, Len that's just fraud in my opinion.
A fibre optic cable does not interfere with being paid, that could have been rectified.
Never ever heard of not being paid for a second placing in a field of 5.
Actually of all the bookies, I had won a 5 figure sum off them and they never limited my account, so I have (had) them on my list as one of the best bookies around. Classic Bet being the worst in my experience. They won't take you on to lose more than $100 if you're even a little bit up with them.
Thanks for the alert, I will be watching them closely from now on.

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I recently gave a "thumbs up" to Luxbet.

I retract it.

On 6/12/2017, they offered $2.00 the place about Ipswich 6/3, which I took. The horse came 2nd, which by any rational measure is a place.

Luxbet classified it as a losing bet and kept the money.

I pointed out the wrongness of that, and my stake was refunded, thus I back a winner and do not win with Luxbet.

What was the problem one may wonder. Lux says "From my understanding a fibre optic cable under St. Kilda road was damaged and as such resulted in some software issues". No I'm not making that up, my imagination is not that vivid.

They follow up with "In this instance, your bet will be void. Luxbet does not pay a place for a field of less than five". No, they just take bets on fields of less than 5 and keep the stake unless the mug punter complains. How many others did not pick up that they were not paid?

PS, QLD tote paid 2.90 - so not only was I cheated, I'd taken massive "unders"..


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