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Only 4 ran, here's part of my letter to Lux:


>From the Stewards' report for Ipswich:


Race 6: Get Social @ Ipswichturfclub RQ Summer Prov. Series Heat BM 75 H'cap
- 1350m 
HELLAROO - Declared a late scratching at 7.50 am on veterinary advice. 

So, it was a 5-horse field before the late scratching, and you continued to
bet as did others, eg TAB, which had final fixed place price 2.20. Tatts
Tote paid 2.90, so not only did I get massive "unders", I did not get paid.


To prove the point, that they DO bet on fields of less than 4, I put $1 the
place on Nowra 1 which also had 4 runners after a late scratching. Wonder if
they'll void that!




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Wow, Len that's just fraud in my opinion.

A fibre optic cable does not interfere with being paid, that could have been

Never ever heard of not being paid for a second placing in a field of 5.

Actually of all the bookies, I had won a 5 figure sum off them and they
never limited my account, so I have (had) them on my list as one of the best
bookies around. Classic Bet being the worst in my experience. They won't
take you on to lose more than $100 if you're even a little bit up with them.

Thanks for the alert, I will be watching them closely from now on.



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I recently gave a "thumbs up" to Luxbet.


I retract it. 


On 6/12/2017, they offered $2.00 the place about Ipswich 6/3, which I took.
The horse came 2nd, which by any rational measure is a place.


Luxbet classified it as a losing bet and kept the money.


I pointed out the wrongness of that, and my stake was refunded, thus I back
a winner and do not win with Luxbet.


What was the problem one may wonder. Lux says "From my understanding a fibre
optic cable under St. Kilda road was damaged and as such resulted in some
software issues". No I'm not making that up, my imagination is not that


They follow up with "In this instance, your bet will be void. Luxbet does
not pay a place for a field of less than five". No, they just take bets on
fields of less than 5 and keep the stake unless the mug punter complains.
How many others did not pick up that they were not paid? 


PS, QLD tote paid 2.90 - so not only was I cheated, I'd taken massive






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