[AusRace] Punting Form - Put the Kids On - a system

Tony Moffat tonymoffat at bigpond.com
Tue May 30 23:09:34 AEST 2023

Punting Form (PF) old site have a system access facility - it is possible to
activate upwards of 140 elements in order to make a selection for a bet,
systematically. It, the system facility, takes your input data and goes off
and makes a stream of selections using just that, all of them hit up with
$50 win.

I recall reading in an old magazine an even older jockey/trainer telling us
that when the tracks are wet, don't chance it yourself, put the kids on. His
'kids' were the apprentices of the day, and he was saying when its wet, and
somewhat dangerous, put the expendables in the saddle. He didn't say that,
expendables, but he did say muddy, slippery, dangerous, wet, rain,
dangerous, and dangerous, and 'put the kids on'.

PF allow you to program for selection horses that are to be ridden by
apprentices, all of them, from (A) to (A4) and the horses they might be on
in their next race(s).

I have used the criteria 
>= 2kg
<= barrier 9
<= 5 years
>20% win (which is high)
>50% place
> mid field, leading type
and another

I have monitored this since Sep 2021 and while selections are few, 15 a
month at most, winners have come in batches and long streams of places have
occurred also. I won't give stats but after the start (Sept 2021) the profit
line was flat for a few weeks/months, then climbed to $2k, then dipped to
minus $2k (a $4000 differential) and it has cycled likewise 3 times since
and been in profit always since Sep 2022. The scoreline improves if you
delete runners outside $9.

I don't use the system but have maintained it as an interest. Another point
of interest might be how many girls are jockeys now.

PF have indicated they will close the old site sometime soon. Thanks to Mick
Barry for his suggestion re joining them.



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