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Tony Moffat tonymoffat at bigpond.com
Sat Sep 18 14:42:47 AEST 2021

This Nissan is missing.

Dualis, their name, wrote that in the inner (spirit) world there is conflict
between benevolence and malevolence always - ok? Because of that, the bad
and good, religion arises. 

Somehow, some way, Dualis got the connection between a good run 'within the
last month' and today and this forms the basis of this system.


If, within the last month, the runner has run within 4-5 LENGTHS (0-5 L)of
the winner, and this is UNEXPECTED BECAUSE OF THE PRICE of the runner in
that run, then it is the selection PROVIDED it is the only runner with that
attribute, or up to 3 selections*.

Today the selection must be $10+.

An intervening run, placed or unplaced, and outside the selection
parameters, can be ignored. If its form fits within the rules today, off
it's second last run or whenever, it is a selection.

Some examples
11/09 Flemington R1
10 Kings Full 3rd 20/4.60 
25/8 Sandown 2nd of 12 $13 finished .1L
11/09 Flemington R2
8 Mr Mozart 1st 16.90/2.60
14/8 Caulfield 4th of 7 $12 finished 1.3L
Spoilt by 5 Daily Bugle have almost necessary attributes to get selected in
this race.
11/09 Flemington R3
5 Ranch Hand 1st 14/4.80
Qualifying form too old, finish position outside parameter
But it was 11 of 14 $14 on 12/Jun
6 Lloyds Crown 3rd 26/7.25
31/7 MV 5th of 10 $21 finished 3.8L
11/09 Flemington R4
3 Tycoon Humma Unp $19/5
14/8 Caulfield finished 3.55L at $14
11/09 Flemington R5
Too many qualified  1,4,9,10,13SCR
None of those placed also - 
11/09/Flemington R6
6 Rich Hips Unp 24.60/5.50
28/08 6th of 9 $12 3.1L
11/09 Flemington R7
NO SELECTIONS - none qualified
Several came close, and lost but
11/09 Flemington R8
3 Keiai Nautique
4 Imaging
2 Fifty Stars
11 Colette
5 Mount Popa
Too many Qualified
11/09 Flemington R9
7 Mongolian Marshal Unp $29.80/6.40
19 Kinane Unp $55.60/9.20

R1 3rd $4.60
R2 1st $16.90/2.60
R3 3rd $7.25
R4 Unp
R5 no selection
R6 unp
R7 no selection
R8 no selection
R9 Unp

The use of the clause 'or up to 3 selections*' is my addition to the rules.
They, Dualis, don't mention a number although they claim success off 2nd or
3rd picks in their comprehensive results.
Also, and this is big, it seems Dualis went back two months in their
selecting criteria (July20)

Today Caulfield 18/09/2021
Race 1 Just Folk  3rd $16/3.90
Sapphire Crown Unp
Kazio Unp
Race 2 
Prezado Unp
Race 3
4 Bons a Pearler Won $31/6
Daisies Unp
Race 4
Bifrost Unp
Athelric Unp - started $9 firmed from $10 -so qualified?
Race 5
8 See You in Spring
Race 6
Too many? - perhaps
Restricted to 3 runners, more than that, ignore the race
Race 7
Too many? Perhaps
Restricted to 3 runners, more than that, ignore the race
Race 8
Too many? Perhaps
Restricted to 3 runners, more than that, ignore the race
Some of these double qualified 11 Romancer?
Race 9

I might result these - especially if they place and I need that to prove a

Cheers otherwise


Teaser - a different (very) system - some results
Next time - 
SUNDAY 15/08/2021

Kalgoorlie R7 5Balladeer - won 13.00/3.40
Kalgoorlie R5 9City Star - 3rd 28.80/7.00
Kalgoorlie R4 1Magic Will - 3rd 6.40 7 runners only
Kalgoorlie R4 3 Bentley's - 2nd 18.20/5.00 7 runners only
Sunshine C R7 Eskdale Girl 3rd9.10/2.80
Cranbourne R9 One For Rocky 3rd 30.20/5.30
Narromine R8 10Caszar 3rd 55.40/7.00
Devonport R8 4 GeeGee Ladybird 3rd 39.60/5.50
Devonport R8 9Schazem 2nd 79.00 9.10
Coleraine R7 5Ocean Dew won 5.50/2.50 7 runners only
Coleraine R7 8Quattro Porte 2nd 22.10/7.90 7 runners only
Moruya R6 13Clergyman won 55.40/10.80
Moruya R6 1Balansa 2nd 41.10/7.50
Moruya R6 10My Blue Jeans 3rd 21.90/4.40
Kalgoorlie R1 2Doctor Snip won 13.20/5.00 7 runners only
Kalgoorlie R1 3ATouchy Subject 2nd 21.90/7.40 7 runners only
Devonport R7 5 GeeGees Teardrop 2nd 9.40/2.70
Devonport R7 3 Hot Relation 3rd 12.60/2.80
Coleraine R6 4Classic Bright 2nd 4.80/3.00 7 runners only (weird div too)
Coleraine R6 4Dresden Green 3rd 4.80/2.50 7 runners only
Cranbourne R7 2Unshackled won14.00/3.60
Cranbourne R7 7Ping Peng 3rd 13.10/2.60
Narromine R6 9Champagne won 16.30/3.80
Narromine R6 12 Witness Collector 3rd 14.00/3.50
Devonport R6 4GeeGees Rock won 12.50/3.00
Devonport R6 2San You 2nd 15.20/3.40
Moruya R4 5 Secadia 2nd 55.00/11.30
Cranbourne R6 1Arctic Shock won 10.30/2.40
Narromine R5 4Serene Shadow 3rd 28.20/6.40
Moruya R3 11 The Boomerang won 19.70/4.90
Moruya R3 6 Phelan Thirsty 2nd 18.80/4.00
Cranbourne R5 9Poleaxed 3rd 17.10/4.60
Devonport R4 3Velmo 2nd 24.50/3.90
Devonport R4 2 Lord Whitegate 3rd 9.30/2.30
Coleraine R3 1Eckhart won 6.70/1.70
Cranbourne R4 2Amy's Pride 2nd 33.10/5.90
Narromine R3 15Occasional win 42.80/9.10
Devonport R3 9Vamp 21.90/4.00
Narromine R2 11Skye Lover 3rd 46.20/8.60
Narromine R1 3Smart Casual won 28.50/6.30
Narromine r3 8Danni Long legs 3rd 15.40/3.40
Devonporrt R1 1Galway Girl won 9.90/3.40 7 runners only

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