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The New England Plus - although it has other names, it depends on who is
assuming ownership for this version.


David Glenville, of Racetrack magazine systems fame, claimed it as his at
one time - he was American too, and it was named The Yankee (Doodle Dandy)!


Another was Len Scofer (Dallas Leonard Scofer as named by his parents) Len
was a by-product of Elan School - a tough love place if ever there was one
and had been sent there by NYC juvenile aid groups for behavior moderation.

NYC demanded results too, apparently, a value for money clause. Then it was
named New England Plus.


Closer to home I heard about The Yankee first from my Uncle Eddy, a woodman
from the hills around Canberra but also the Hansard printer most afternoons
and evenings. Eddy had purchased his copy from an advertisement. I have his
copy now. It was the Excelsior Plan then and referenced its origin in New
York with the statement - 'the best there ever was' for winner finding) 


Rules - only senior jockey mounts are considered


(a) Consider the first five in the betting and record their names (or TAB


(b) Consider the first 5 barrier numbers, the runners in barriers 1 to 5 and
record their names (or TAB numbers)

(c) Consider the first 5 horses ridden by senior riders - discard horses
ridden by apprentices - in a list of 8 horses, say, runner numbers 1, 3, and

4 might be discarded because they are ridden by apprentices so your rider
list would be 2,5,6,7,8


You now have three lists of 5 runners. 


Look for common runners in all lists. 


A runner mentioned in all three lists is a selection, a runner in two lists
is also a selection.



This, and these, are from the golden age of system selling. No information
or advice as how, why the selection rules were arrived at, just do it and
prosper. Nobody did though.


If there are selections and results here then I used The first 5 in betting
order - off AAP or Rewardbet nominations The first 5 in barrier order The
first 5 horses ridden by senior jockeys -this may NOT be strictly 1 to 5
numerically -see (C) above.


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