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There is much more to living than being alive:


My 93yo mother is not allowed out of her room in aged care, except once a day to do her laundry, carefully scheduled so only one at a time can be in the laundry - like she will do laundry every day?


In a normal week a grandson and wife visit her Tuesday evening, a son and daughter-in-law on Thursday evening, on Sunday a son or daughter or both take her to Church and lunch afterwards, she eats lunch and dinner in the hall with other oldies every day but Sunday lunch and Tue and Thu dinner, I have the paper delivered for her and she reads that and does the crosswords, and potters around the large complex (she used to own a 2-bedroom independent living villa there). 


Now NOTHING. No fresh air, no sunshine, no paper deliveries - she blamed the paper man for it not coming yesterday and did not understand when I told her a few times that it's the government, not the small business man who has stopped delivery . Does not watch much TV - does not hear so well - and without the paper cannot even find out why she is  imprisoned, when she'll get out……


She can't even peek at the sky out the back door as there is none. She reckons she'll read the Bible. How many times?


Last year one of my 2 still living very close friend's 52yo daughter, like a thousand or so other Australians, died of the flu, and it did not make the papers other than in Death and Funeral Notices; this year I read a front page article "93yo dies of COVID".   



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It is one thing to be educated, another to be wise.

COVID19 is not a hoax.

1.	Why on earth would they impose the restrictions they have in Victoria, and in other parts of the world, when the backlash is the driving down of the economy.
2.	My sister who lives in the USA has friends and workmates who have been diagnosed with the disease, some have recovered, some have actually died. Some have “recovered” but have ongoing permanent damage. Why? Because the US is all about freedom, and none of New Zealand nor Australia’s measures have been implemented as mandatory.
3.	Each to their own.


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Thanks for this link. 

I am unsure who to thank, the Politicians or their Medical Advisors for going to such ridiculous lengths just to protect a few of us old lung deficient punters?

At 83yo I am still capable of accepting responsibility for my own health care and I don’t need to be babied by a bunch of bright eyes looking after their own jobs.




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