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I make it 32 days!

I intend to get around to a long-term analysis of results.

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Aziz Jamil Coureur raced 17 days ago didn't it so ineligible

On 2020-05-20 21:35, Tony Moffat wrote:
> This one, and two variations, have been around for many years.
> It seeks to improve the strike rate of a public selector - meaning a 
> newspaper tipster
> The version 'Reckoner' sold in Melbourne claims that the elements 
> under consideration are those present in the past form of 99% of 
> winners which is another way
>  of saying they are present in the form of (almost) all runners, 
> winners or no.
> The Editor featured here is one discussed in Racing Review Issue 562 
> by Anthony Scott on November 9 1977 - his version is that of Edgar 
> Horn (USA) circa 1930 (as they say)
> The runners to consider are those tipped by your choice of public 
> selector.
> (a)    The runner must have raced on the track
> (b)    The runner must have raced within the last 15 days
> (c)    The runner must have finished within 5 lengths of the winner
> last start (or won, of course)
> (d)    The runner must have finished not further back than 4th last
> start (including 4th, of course)
> (e)    No maiden races for 3yo or older are to be considered
> (f)     There is directions (rules) regarding changing conditions on
> race day - the selections were made for a good track and the racing is 
> now heavy - no bets
> (g)    Mr Scott added a rule of his own - the runner must have form at
> the distance ( a start, a place, a win - in ascending power)
> Some results from today
> Pinjarra R5 Fingermark 1st 11.30/2.90
> Sunny Coast R8 Aziz Jamil Coureur (golly!) 1st 8.90/3.40

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