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Tony Moffat tonymoffat at bigpond.com
Mon Jul 27 11:09:16 AEST 2020

Burpengary - I have always enjoyed reading and saying this - I went to
school with Gary and he did that, loud too, almost to a point where you
imagined he would have torn or strained something internal when he did.
More importantly, Burpengary was the Post Office address for contact with a
system seller which perhaps should have warning bells ringing before you
sent your money away. Care of Post Office Burpengary doesn't appear, or
seem, like a legitimate business address at all. In fact, to me, it was
almost as if the seller did not want you to know who they were, where they
were. Further, and don't worry about your concerns, how you feel about them,
you had to send your money in two episodes to get the whole 'scheme' - pages
1 to 19 first after payment of $200 and provision of an addressed, reply
paid, stamped envelope then upon the final payment you got the remaining
pages and a display folder in which you placed your pages, the front piece,
and the introduction and welcome page. So, firstly they don't trust you, and
demonstrate this by hanging onto the crux of the 'scheme' until all the
money has been paid, and all you have is your mindset about them, and the
last payment secures you everything you need (or you are ever going to get).
Page 11 is missing in my copies, both of them, only one of which is in the
display folder, the other is stapled and there is reference to communication
sent to 'Care of/' asking for page 11 and I am unsure of the result,
although no page 11 is present. It's ok, somewhat, as postage was not
required after payment of the second instalment. The remaining papers and
the folder were sent, postage free, but not page 11 (it might be important).
There is no advertisement for this 'scheme'. It may be that your contact
details were piggybacked off another subscription, or system purchase, or
contact with another organization. On the welcome page, under the heading
'meet our staff, there is a photo of a horse, with a girl in the saddle (or
where the saddle would be, ordinarily) and the girl seems to be wearing
nothing, no clothing on the lower half although she has jockey colours,
goggles, cap and cap cloth. The colours are non-descript, red,  with a
yellow shoulder slash and yellow cuffs and a maltese cross on the front and
it's easy to spot, let me tell you, that cross, being out in front like
that. The buttons are prominent too, it may be a trot driver jacket also,
although the model is on a (race) horse. She is whipping herself.
Anyways, you got included in the mailout, advising you of this 'once in a
lifetime opportunity' because it has come to their notice that you are a
'discerning, erudite punter', (both of them mean 'good') and, yes, it is
costly, but that keeps the 'silly people' away. They ask if you backed the
winners of the Doomben Cup, Doomben 10000, Stradbroke and don't say they
did, and if they did, or didn't, did they use scheme for that. No, it's just
LOOK what the winners paid and there is a list of 23 prices purporting to be
winning dividends, but no names, dates, race names, just the prices.
Seriously, these people could give system sellers a bad name.
Two people may have paid up and waited for the postman and I have their
copies. I paid $4 for one, and got the other with a bulk buy of 7 systems
collection off Ebay, for $20, and I also had to pay postage!. 
(1)	Consider only winners on the course. Course and distance winners are
(2)	Consider runners who finished up to 5th last start within 29 days -
NOTE these can include the course/distance winners discarded under rule (1)
(3)	Senior riders only, no apprentice riders to be considered - runner
(4)	Local (Queensland they mean) runners only
(5)	Only Queensland races are to be considered for inclusion.
That's it. That is the 'scheme' you paid for and waited for the postman,
There are nine other 'schemes' included. One line systems working off a
single aspect of form, last start within 7 days, top weight favorite, best
form runner in the first 6 runners, and others of this kind.



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