[AusRace] BetFair also reneges

i8work at aussiebb.com.au i8work at aussiebb.com.au
Thu Jul 23 17:08:54 AEST 2020

I can see a way...........your bet is "SP at close/jump" - at the close 
there is pretty much noone in the back market so you get filled by a 
layer who also has SP.........your mate bet "cancel on close/jump" So 
he's out of the picture instantly then BF will do the 
SP's.............unusual but possible, and the thinner the market the 
more likely.

On 2020-07-22 08:22, norsaintpublishing at gmail.com wrote:
> I had a strange experience on BF the other day.
> A week ago I was asking $21 for a horse and it was trading at around
> $10 at the jump, so was never going to get filled. I thought about
> cancelling the asking price in an effort to make a bit more room on
> the screen but in the end didn't bother. Then immediately after the
> jump it told me I'd been filled, and yet a mate of mine who was asking
> for $11 on the same horse, didn't get filled.  How on earth can that
> happen? Very strange.

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