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Critique: This won't work. It looks good in principle however three things
work against you.
Ties - the place dividend is ranked and you back 2nd>5th PLACE to snare the
winner, quinella 
and often two or more of those PLACE dividends are the same, tied. This can,
and has worked in your favour
when those tied fail to flatter and a loss results, although you weren't on
them (because of the ties)
More often the tied dividend runners do win/place and you weren't on them
(because of the ties)
The other scenarios are the favourite wins , and you weren't on them because
you exclude the favourite
Or some other runner, not favourite, not 2,3,4,5th, wins/places and ousts

Perhaps there are too many choices, TAB Places, Fixed Places and I wasn't
aware that there was 
often variation between these two. I had assumed that 2,3,4,5 on one side
would correspond almost
with say 3,4,2,5 on the other. It rarely happens. Because of the PLACE rank
requirement it is not
possible to use the Fixed and Market fluctuations, which show only win

I will do an exam of win prices being used to choose runners and let you

For the time being, don't.

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The author was Prince - s/he suggests that this one was the King of systems
but that seemed pretentious.

As Dickie the brickie utilised the Tab numbers 2,3,4,5 so Prince used the
ranked 2,3,4,5 PLACE dividends to choose their bets with the proviso that
this system was in use all over the world. 

The results here are from choices made after the event. Choosing your bets
in the last minutes before the start might be stressful and there may be
different selections (I guess)

SUMMARY: Rank the PLACE dividends of all runners. Selections come from those
ranked 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.

There are no instructions regarding ties, none of the results  (they gave)
display a tie. In picking the results here (these listed below) I ignored
races with ties although I included some to demonstrate (something).

Scone R1 - 5,3,4,2 - Placed 3,4,5,1 (win, place, trifecta, quinella)
Scone R5 - 6,12,4,10 - Placed 3,6,10,12 (no bet - dividends tied)
Scone R6 - 1,6,3,2 - Placed 1,3,12,15 
Scone R7 - 8,9,11,3 - Placed 2,11,3,7 (no bet - dividends tied)
Sunny Coast R5 - the time honoured Wimmers Creaming Soda Class 3
And this demonstrates the need for a rule to separate tied dividends
We had 2.10+2.10, 2.80+2.80, 3.00+3.00 for ranked 2,3,4,5,6,7
Sun Coast R6 2,9,1,7 - Placed 2,1,6,7
Sun Coast R7 - tied dividends
P Augusta R3 - 2,3,6,4 - Placed 3,1,7,2
P Augusta R4 - 7,2,8,6 - Placed 2,6,5,8
P Augusta R5 - 6,4,7,9 - Placed 11,6,4,1 (loss)
P Augusta R6 - 6,2,3,10 - Placed 6,4,10,1
P Augusta R7 - 10,11,8,7 - Placed 4,2,7,14 (loss)



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