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True. Frustrating as you said. Dickie had an advocate,  a helper, a person
who looked after his affairs. 

He had a well developed distrust of most everything eg bookies knew who was
going to win, an opinion I think I dissuaded, at least I hope so.

But Police, students, non-working adults, God, South Melbourne, North
Melbourne, conservative politics, trains, trams, lettuce, and a few other
important things all of which had to be the relayed opinions of his
workmates, surely. All of these were spoken about with derision, dislike,
distrust although he lived in North Melbourne and used trams for transport
other than work related, as a conveyance to the Course for instance. Still,
he worked hard, and paid tax, and you get to opine as a result. It's getting
an audience, and agreement, that's the hard bit.  He had never voted but
went to Labour Party meetings. 

You get a lot when you listen. 

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It must be bloody frustrating not being able to read.
Don't reckon he'd last long these days, Tony.
The basis of racing seems to have changed. Fewer handicaps? Less older
horses going round for years on end.
Still, an interesting approach.

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