[AusRace] talking through my pocket re Pakenham 7 27/2

L.B.Loveday lloveday at ozemail.com.au
Fri Feb 28 09:54:40 AEDT 2020

I'm not much of a race watcher, but I was back from the pub and had backed
Kaimu for the place so I watched Pakenham 7.

Stewards report:

Kaimu Approaching the 200m was bumped on the hindquarters by Sticking Point
and shortly after was severely hampered when buffeted between Sticking Point
and Raptures which had shifted in abruptly despite the efforts of its rider.
In the circumstances, as Stewards were of the view that the incident was not
the fault of any one rider, Stewards took no direct action, other than to
advise all riders to exercise care in similar circumstances.

"Bumped on the hindquarters", then belted by a horse "which had shifted in
abruptly". Ok, " was not the fault of any one rider", but why were ALL
riders advised " to exercise care in similar circumstances"? Why was Kaimu's
jockey, BMelham, whom I have rated in the top 7% of jockeys, included in
those advised? What should he do in future - sit 4 wide all the way to avoid
horses bumping into his ride's rear or ducking in on its front?



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