[AusRace] Playup as per normal; Neds' final word.

L.B.Loveday lloveday at ozemail.com.au
Wed Feb 26 22:52:00 AEDT 2020

I've been getting quick replies and useful help from Scott Gooley at DO, but
I don't know how far up the chain he reaches.

I don't know much about telecommunications, but I do know the download times
for DO have jumped. I presume that's due to increased traffic (surely
they've not downgraded their capacity?), and presume that could be rectified
by paying more for more capacity and, or, using buffering "tricks" that Greg
Conroy has outlined - how hard is it to work out that on Saturday
mid-afternoon downloads are likely to be Oz major meetings, not tomorrow
morning's Derby lane Greyhounds or that night's Ipswich

It took me 3:34 just now to download tomorrow's prices for 5 meetings and
5:04 for today's 7. On Everest day it was taking me 25 minutes to download
the 15 races.

Today's file is 125k; tomorrow's 191k.

Contrast that with TRB's download times - Saturday's results, 222k in 10
seconds, tomorrow's field and form, 5 files total 310k 5 seconds.

I realize there is a difference in that TRB's are ready-packed whereas the
DO files are selected from the 700 available, but that should not be taking
so long, and did not in the past. In 25minutes on Everest day markets change
a lot!


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(yes, he's back!!!)

"they are now too busy being millionaires to be worried about subscribers."

Having the same problem with DO myself - support has become a joke..........

*wanted them to fix their consistently missing meetings on the gear changes
page esp on Sat, response "AAP aren't sending them on time", have a long
term contact in AAP who (summarised) said "rubbish".

*continue to use Flash to power the Premium DO application despite it
(Flash) being due for termination in Dec as it is too insecure - every time
it updates I have trouble with DO refusing to work cos Flash is not up to
date - have various blocks on my PC as Flash is so insecure and so it
doesn't update thus breaking DO - support had no idea, ended up having to
fix it myself (partially, but at least it has become functional for me

They desperately need some competition as they have developed "we are a
monopoly so screw you" disease.


On 2020-02-26 15:58, L.B.Loveday wrote:
> Ken,
> Am I missing something in thinking it should be Neds, not me, that 
> "_should keep on at Dynamic Odds to see if they will be able to help 
> further as it was their platform that placed the bet incorrectly_."?
> After all it is virtually impossible that I was the only one affected 
> and Neds should have a direct line to the top at DO. I used to get 
> fair responses from Karl Begg, and excellent from his brother Dave, 
> but as Greg Conway pointed out, they are now too busy being 
> millionaires to be worried about subscribers.

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