[AusRace] Playup as per normal; Neds' final word.

L.B.Loveday lloveday at ozemail.com.au
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In any instance the operator should have replied to you and requested you to call in via live chat.


What he means was that when I was on Live Chat I should have been requested to phone (viz the request for me to phone should have been made via live chat). Instead I got no reply for so long after the Live Chat operator was going to "look into this" that I was disconnected.


I dislike phone discussions - there is no record, they can lie with impunity and from the few I've had, my limited evidence is that there are too many half-smart, rude, unknowledgeable twits who think they are wise and the customer is an idiot.



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Len…well, it will be interesting to see Dynamic Odds stance in this situation.


Neds response seems to be somewhat contradictory. On one line they state they cannot cancel bets via live chat, then, tell you the operator should have directed you to live chat ????




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Blatant disregard of the MBL - par for the course for Playup, but there is no point in complaining other than to inconvenience the cheats.


Time stamped 9:00:03, 3 seconds past the witching hour, so I asked for $145, being to win $797.50 (MBL mandates $800). But there are enough bookmakers who abide by the law (and in the case of Sportsbet, TopSport and TAB, go beyond their mandated obligation) to keep me off the park bench - just. 






Neds came up with this:


Hi Leonard,


Thank you for contacting Neds. 


I do apologise for the issue, however dynamic odds is a 3rd party provider and we cannot be responsible for their site.  

You could have called up to have the bet checked and we could have assisted in cancelling the bet as we cannot cancel bets via live chat or email.  In any instance the operator should have replied to you and requested you to call in via live chat.

I have spoken to my supervisor and unfortunately as the race has been completed we cannot cancel the bet, however he has applied $150 worth of bonus cash to your account for you to use.  I know this isn't as good as getting your funds back but we hope this will be sufficient to show our sincere apologies for the issue.

You should also keep on at Dynamic Odds to see if they will be able to help further as it was their platform that placed the bet incorrectly.



Should you have any questions we will be pleased to assist you. 


Kind Regards,



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