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Below is an extract from a decision of the NTRC in the case:


Complainant: Mr Y 

Licensee: PointsBet 

Proceedings: Pursuant to section 85(2) of the Racing and Betting Act -
Referral of dispute to Racing Commission for determination 

Heard Before: Mr Alastair Shields (Presiding Member) 

(on papers) Ms Cindy Bravos 

Ms Amy Corcoran 

Date of Decision: 20 August 2019 


37. The Commission also notes that complainant's betting account was closed
by PointsBet at its discretion. The Commission is of the view that this is a
business decision that is available to PointsBet in accordance with its
terms and conditions to which the complainant agreed to at the time of
opening his betting account with PointsBet and again makes no further
finding in this regard. 


Although the bets in contention were all non-racing bets, a PointsBet
account can also be used to place bets on races - they are one of the 7
on-line bookmakers inputting to the VOP.


This appears to mean that the NTRC is ignoring the MBL ban on closing



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