[AusRace] Don't make this mistake!

Robbie Waterhouse robbie at robbiewaterhouse.com
Mon Aug 24 10:44:44 AEST 2020

Dear KB,


Not sure it worked out well for Jim Jones or his followers, despite the
quotes charm!




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Hey Len..good to see your still in battle mode with those who go by the
misnomer of Bookmakers.


It may surprise you,but some months back I opened 7 Corporate accounts to
cash in on and arb weekly specials. As expected, 6 accounts closed me out of
all future promotional events.


Sportsbet is the only one left. So, I made about 2k over around 6 weeks..so
satisfying given my contempt for that sector of wagering industry. All
expected of course.


I'm glad to see such wise expenditure too Len.


"A man's gotta make at least one bet a day else he could be walking around
lucky and never know it" - Jim Jones






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Unibet had been more competitive of late, so I started betting with them,
and they accepted reasonable amounts, all hours. 


Then today I made a withdrawal, and next time I looked, no odds were
displayed for tomorrow's races. Checked today, and Kalgoorlie not displayed
although Narromine 9, the only non-WA race left was.


Looks like full MBL'd, without notification - so I'd advise leaving the
money with them until they MBL you, so they still assume they will get it
back. May be just a coincidence, but...


Why bother with Corporates Ken? I have to have money to spend on wine, women
and song.




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