[AusRace] Philanthropy - a system

Tony Moffat tonymoffat at bigpond.com
Sat Nov 16 19:23:59 AEDT 2019

This cost $40 and a stamped self-addressed envelope - it had to be a manila
C4 (9'' x 12") - so you bought two, addressed one (actually both) and put
stamps on both, then waited. 
Mine took weeks although the cheque was banked within 4 days I recall. I
mean I seriously felt I had been robbed or something, Illy whacked maybe (it
is a thing )

S/he wrote: "The tipster is the revered person on racedays. Their choices
govern the choices of every punter, and because of this the price, the
divends (it is spelt this way) are affected. Their choices
cause their decisions to be supported, those runners are over supported to a
greater or lesser degree. They choose three horses that will win, all things
considered, including the involvement of their choice! (whatever) but they
are often wrong, and certainly no better than the law of averages (again,
whatever). This plan shows that the tipster can be ignored most often
although their nominations for winning can lead us to a divend, either a win
or a place at odds. It is the odds that make this plan succeed, and not the
5/4, evens, 10/9 type and certainly not the first three in the market which
is where their tips for winning the race are centred.

There are 7 paragraphs of further ambiguity.

Now this one may have a semblance of credence, street cred, because it is
similar (although not the same) to Wizard Plan 88 - yes, The Wizard had over
200 systems, often centred around their own maths. 

Simply, choose your tipster, then take the longest priced of their
selections, often 3 back then, now four more often, an use that as your
'basis' and now include the next two in the betting but outside your
tipsters choices. So you have three picks, one from your man of the hour,
and the two others chosen from the first 5 or so in the betting order.
Ambiguous, yes isn't it?

There are no staking suggestions, nothing to suggest how to back these. The
results (from 1944) show a mixture of place and win 'divens'.

I have the earlier version, unnamed, but the entity 'Wrangler' is mentioned
prominently several times. C Carey had a staff member with the nom de plume
'Senior Wrangler' so it might be him (or his son)

In a subsequent resurrection the system is named 'Philantrophy' - why is not
stated, but you now need nothing else to bring to the fight with the old
'foe' - presumably the bookmaker although that is not stated either.

Today 16/11- tipster = Mathew Hill
Sandown Guineas 11,1,2,4 - take 2, add 10(winner), 9
Heffernan Stakes 3,4,1,7 - take 7, add 9 (winner),5
Zipping Classic 6,9,1,2 - take 9, add 5 (winner) 10 (2nd)
Summoned Stakes 11,1,2,7 - take 2(winner), add 5,3 (2nd)
Eclipse Stakes 4,7,1,6 - take 7, add 3, 8 (Loss)
Newcastle - or Nuke-astle as the lady on internet Tab radio says and asks
where is it then?
R6- 3165 - take 6, add 7 (winner),10
R7- 2716 -take 1,add 12,10 (winner)
R8- 7532 -take 2 (winner), add 4,1
R9 -loss



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