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Ubet still has the JSON feed if that helps, and they will be keeping it for some time.

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tab.ubet closed the good old website the week before last.
and @ xmas i was searching to see if there were any alts and,
using duck duck "australia bookmaker xml" i found a forum
where they were discussing the problem at forums.ozmium

i write code, so i set to and lashed some stuff together and
posted it on gitlab, using headlesschook as username and
tab_xml as the project.
i cant get a sub to the damm forum. Waaaaa.
there is enough on gitlab to get my stuff running again and
if it helps anybody else, i am happy. If anybody on this list
can get hold of that forum and tell them, i will cheer.

the code is ugly i have never written beautiful code, just
stuff that works. it is python3, should work on python2.7
it runs on linux, i dont use anything else.

SO happy new year for 2019. and may your email not be rejected


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