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"(2) Betting to MBL limits it matters not what price you get about winners - if I'd bet at SP, 2.00 and, say, 1.20, I'd have had to outlay $1000 win and $2000 place, but win the same. What matters is what price you get about losers. Of course we cannot know which will lose or we would not bet them, so long-term it is very important to get the best price you can about every horse you back."

Hi Len,
I'm somewhat befuddled by your statement above.

a)      Isn't it logical that it doesn't matter what price you get about losers, but what is important is what price you get about winners?

b)      In your example: Horse Wins - you win $1000 for the win bet and $400 for the place, how can you win the same?

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