[AusRace] I doubt even Tony Moffat has come across these systems:

Tony Moffat tonymoffat at bigpond.com
Fri Dec 14 13:14:20 AEDT 2018

Len - I did and have posted on Ausrace my (flippant) opinion of how useless
they may be - numerology and astrology, how stuffed is that?
Everybody knows that the winner will have the letters in sequence of a
girl/person/pet name you know. Just look. Or seven letters, or start within
barrier 8 and no wider
Or have the third letter R or carry more/less weight than last start. 

Interesting (for me) article on the mobile totes of an era before ours


I saw these running, but not working, at Tumut many years ago. The tote had
gone back to manual collating/aggregating of betting tickets because the
machine was not working as it should.
The engineer was American and involved in the Snowy Mountain Scheme but he
knew everything about these, he said, except he referred to the town as
Tum-it!  I'm unsure if he did fix it.

This installation may have been the innards of a bus, translocated to the
shed for the remainder of its working life. It had two input positions. It
was set up for 5 shilling bets when the going price was 2/6d/unit. It could
calculate in any denomination, 10/-, a pound, a guinea, a shilling? (that's
what they said)

Further tote information here




LBL wrote:
"Came across Scott Williams' book "Can Punting Pay" while shuffling through
books, "a result of almost two years full time academic research", which I
bought maybe 40 years ago, and which I'm pretty sure I never read much of.


Under the heading "Biocycles":


"Patrick Evans, an expert in the fledging science of biodynamics has
suggested that horses are susceptible to cyclical "off" days", in accordance
with the number of days from their birth date.


Sceptical? "He has surprised some hard headed gamblers in the UK by
correctly predicting favourites that would not win because the race day was
an "off" day for that horse". 


But there's more: Walter Gor Old ("Sepharial") wrote "The Silver Key" which
discussed "the influence of the planets on horses, partly by their names
(which are converted to numbers related to the planets and partly by the
jockey's colours". There are 3 pages of tables detailing the nitty gritty of
arriving at selections.


And yet more: a table of "Recommended Bets (Based on Numerology)" with the
only input required the number of runners.


No wonder I never read much of it!



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