[AusRace] Is this fair?

Roman kozza1950 at bigpond.com
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In my experience around 6/1 plus it’s best on BFSP: a bit below it’s a line ball, after commission, and around the favs the BOB is the best which includes best fluctuation. At anything over $10 with the corps way better BFSP.


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Yes, thanks Len, a good warning.

Does anyone have any opinions on taking Betfair SP? I started using it recently and have cost myself  a bit by not taking an offered price. 

It appears that Betfair SP is better than the tote and my exchange prices on the losers,  but down a bit when they win. Very annoying. 


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Screen arrived perfectly  in my email and yes I experienced the same thing yesterday and yes only after I was caught!




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I don't know if these screen shots will be readable in Ausrace (they were in my test sending to myself), but the first shows a price for #12, Frosty Olaf of 251/26,. I clicked and filled in $50/100 (no prices shown on the ticket). Then clicked Place Bet and the following appeared.


Yes it does show that the price I would take by clicking "Confirm" is 126/14, BUT the odds displayed in the book are still 251/26, and still were when I looked again 5 minutes later. Would some at least just click without noticing the discrepancy? OF COURSE.




In the next case, #7 was scratched  at 7:38 according to Sportingbet.com (remember when Sportsbet also used to show scratching time so you could check deductions? No longer)

At 8:32 I clicked on #8, and it appeared in the ticket, but as above without prices, but still showing $2.50 place in the book.





But the ticket fills at $1.70 with $2.50 still showing in the book, and it was still showing $2.50 4 minutes later.




VERY caveat emptor, as I have warned - yes I picked up the scam, but would everyone, every time? 




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