[AusRace] Is this fair?

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>From my brief studies, BFSP works best at the longer end of the market. And by that I mean $10+.

For those under $10 then you get better value from other products, like best tote or top fluc. 


Then the problem becomes liquidity. You simply cannot have $200 at BFSP on a $50+ chance and not expect it to effect the odds (in average metro racing in Aus, the UK is different), it does. It also depends on when you place your BFSP bet. If you get in early then you are effectively signalling to everyone else your intentions, as the bet can be seen by all and sundry. The bots are watching this and adjusting the market, usually to your detriment.  For the most part the bots trade at the shorter end of the market, this is simply because at longer odds the market is more volatile and with that comes risk. Shorter priced selections have more liquidity, less volatility and more chance for the bot to recover from a market swing.





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Here is a recent Statement where the Your Odds were prices taken inside the last 60 secs of Betting.

Some of my earlier work indicated the best price of all may be at 30 seconds to the jump?





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Yes, thanks Len, a good warning.

Does anyone have any opinions on taking Betfair SP? I started using it recently and have cost myself  a bit by not taking an offered price. 

It appears that Betfair SP is better than the tote and my exchange prices on the losers,  but down a bit when they win. Very annoying. 


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Screen arrived perfectly  in my email and yes I experienced the same thing yesterday and yes only after I was caught!




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I don't know if these screen shots will be readable in Ausrace (they were in my test sending to myself), but the first shows a price for #12, Frosty Olaf of 251/26,. I clicked and filled in $50/100 (no prices shown on the ticket). Then clicked Place Bet and the following appeared.


Yes it does show that the price I would take by clicking "Confirm" is 126/14, BUT the odds displayed in the book are still 251/26, and still were when I looked again 5 minutes later. Would some at least just click without noticing the discrepancy? OF COURSE.




In the next case, #7 was scratched  at 7:38 according to Sportingbet.com (remember when Sportsbet also used to show scratching time so you could check deductions? No longer)

At 8:32 I clicked on #8, and it appeared in the ticket, but as above without prices, but still showing $2.50 place in the book.





But the ticket fills at $1.70 with $2.50 still showing in the book, and it was still showing $2.50 4 minutes later.




VERY caveat emptor, as I have warned - yes I picked up the scam, but would everyone, every time? 




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