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Hi all,

Is my memory fading but did he train Rising Fear?



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Pickering was a surprisingly successful horse trainer, flying his chopper to races (35 years ago).


Rob W  


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" is it any worse than a certain glossy mag". Not in my opinion, nor as bad as what some corporates do regularly (just one of many general examples outside the blatant breaches that RacingNSW and the NTRC have ruled against me on, or refused to act on - leaving a scratched horse in the market for ages with a comparable book to others, then making a deduction when paying). Nor, in my opinion, and we've disagreed previously, any worse than people putting up 1.01 on Betfair hoping someone makes a slip. I have much more sympathy for someone taking 1.01 than someone buying a computer system as the first can be a slip, the second is a deliberate, albeit poorly considered, action) 


I'm all-but sure he was never convicted of a criminal offence. He had very loyal friends, and that's a good sign, imo.


He had a lung cut out and was given a few months to live without chemo. He shunned chemo and tried non-surgical treatments, and lived almost 3 years. He refused morphine at the end, preferring to be in pain but aware to a pain-free doped-out end.



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Thanks Len,

I think as usual, he’d had a few as well.

Didn’t know Pickering recently died, I agree that he was a brilliant cartoonist, but he didn’t just set up one racket, he was involved in many spin-offs even after A Current Affair I think it was went after him. He just kept churning them out, but as you say took a back seat. However, is it any worse than a certain glossy mag? I think not.


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I can't know about how the penalty was determined, or have an opinion as to its appropriateness, but Singo was penalised because:


He pleaded guilty to "conduct prejudicial to the image, or interests, or welfare of racing'', admitting comments he made to the media about the mare's performance in the All Aged Stakes were "inappropriate and regrettable''.


If he'd only challenged GW face to face in private, I presume she'd had said nothing publicly, so yes, it seems it was his conduct that was penalised, and not only in shooting off to the media - Ray Murrihy  said "It wasn't the way to act in the mounting yard at Cessnock more or less Randwick before a Group 1,", although I doubt Murriphy's words were reported accurately you get the message. 


Singo's great mate Pickering recently died - he had faults. From the SMH (others may not put it so harshly, there were plenty of other schemes around and I have zero sympathy for any of his customers) - 

"Pickering ran a high-pressure cold-call racket that promised mug punters computer software that would pick winners on the race track for them. Yes, you would have to be a fool to fall for such a thing, but as shysters like Pickering know, there are actually a lot more than one born every minute.

Pickering used his creativity to refine the fraud, an early adopter of mailing out glossy video presentations of the good life to be had from the magic of computer power applied to hayburners. His first effort featured himself, but he quickly retired from the front line, hiring an actor for the role, a familiar face from a well-loved soap. It became a very big business with glossy offices in a prime Gold Coast site, the home of so many scams".

BUT, on the plus side he was a great cartoonist - loved this one after Hawke gave up the booze:

Image result for larry pickering bob hawke in parliament cartoon

And produced some wonderful articles on his blog, my favourite:

Trigger warning for snowflakes,  don't read if you don't like the truth.






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Len, why did Singo receive a $15,000 penalty for the More Joyous scandal, when clearly info was leaked that the horse wasn’t right?

Surely an owner is able to challenge a trainer if information comes to light.

Was it his conduct?



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Racing stewards penalising corruption and doping without legal authority

Matthew Benns <https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/journalists/matthew-benns>  and Ashleigh Gleeson <https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/journalists/ashleigh-gleeson> , The Daily Telegraph

an hour ago

Subscriber only


*	 <https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/superracing/the-golden-eagle-rosehill-to-host-australias-second-richest-race/news-story/a64b5a871564327846f743db9df79ce5> $7.5 million turf race unveiled for Sydney

Racing stewards have been penalising trainers, jockeys, stable hands and owners for offences like doping or corrupt conduct for years without the legal authority to do so.

A decision by the Racing Appeals Tribunal yesterday said stewards were not empowered to use the tough rule that has been the basis for a string of high profile convictions in recent years. <https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/superracing/stewards-widen-net-in-racing-corruption-inquiry/news-story/97a97ca537c50285422a906d7f280107> 

But Racing NSW CEO Peter V’landys has assured racegoers that the decision has highlighted a legal glitch that has already been fixed and that all existing penalties and suspensions still stand.


Racing NSW chief executive Peter V'landys. Picture: Britta Campion

The legal technicality came to light when trainer Carl Poidevin appealed against a stewards’ decision to disqualify him for giving false evidence about injecting his horse Master Agar before a race at Kembla Grange in April.

The stewards used powers delegated from Racing NSW under Australian Rules of Racing rule 175 to penalise the trainer but during the appeal it became clear those long assumed powers had not been delegated correctly.

Racing Appeals Tribunal head David Armati yesterday ruled that stewards are “not empowered to penalise under AR 175.”

The same rule has been used to convict some of the biggest names in racing. Under AR 175 trainers Darren Smith and Sam Kavanagh received lengthy bans for cobalt use and John Singleton received a $15,000 fine for the More Joyous scandal.

Mr Poidevin’s solicitor Paul O’Sullivan said stewards had used AR 175 for years to disqualify and suspend trainers, jockeys and owners for offences contained in the act.

“Today’s decision in Poidevin confirms they don’t have the power to do so,” he said.

Mr V’landys dismissed suggestions the ruling would open the floodgates for suspended and disqualified racing figures to appeal against the decisions made against them.

“We don’t believe this will have any repercussions what so ever. The people are no less guilty than they were before this and their punishments still stand.”

He said the ruling by the Racing Appeals Tribunal was a “procedural deficiency that has already been rectified”.

The powers used by stewards to police racing had been correctly delegated to Mr V’landys as the CEO of Racing NSW but were then delegated to the chairman of stewards rather than a committee of stewards as required. Those powers have now been correctly rectified.

However there are suggestions other racing figures who have fallen foul of the stewards could use the decision to try and appeal their suspensions and disqualifications.

“They would simply be wasting their time and incur unnecessary legal fees,” said Mr V’landys.

“I still have the power and I will confirm the conviction and the penalties that have been applied. Nothing changes.”


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