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This is what they had to say to me:


"Both features you have alluded to are being worked on at the moment - we should have them up and running shortly for you"


Just for me?! How could a multi-billion company, that claims they are the biggest and best, like that go live with crap?


Unfortunately they have closed the MBL loophole I discovered and have long used.


It gets harder almost month on month to live well!



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Hi Len,


I contacted them (as I am a VIP there) and got this swift reply to your comment:


"We have had a lot of feedback about this not being on the site at the moment, it has been passed along to the Customer Experience team who are developing the site and hopefully this will be available shortly for customers.

In regards to the spreadsheet of bets you will be able to download a spreadsheet of all transactions that occur on  <http://sportsbet.com> Sportsbet.com.au, which includes all your bets.”


H2H Greg. 


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Another "upgraded" site that is actually degraded, seemingly:


No longer shows time of scratchings and deductions. I know there is a table of deductions, but it is harder for us to see what the basis of deductions was. It is now impossible to know at what time they took the scratchings out of their market, increasing the necessity of taking screen shots of each bet.

They no longer have provision for downloading a spreadsheet of bets. It was invaluable to sort and print out bets to monitor while at the pub, and to do long-term analyses. The download of transactions does not work at all.


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