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Phil Buckland phil at buckland.id.au
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Hi Peter,


I have Jockey and Trainer ratings as a basis of my ratings program.

I have done numerous test with the ratings over time frames, and I have
found 3 months to be optimal for both sets.

The trainers do perform better as Mike says, but it also depends on what you
base the ratings on??? - I believe this is the key to the ratings. There is
allot more than strike rate, POT,

Odds of horses etc when it comes to both Jockey and Trainer ratings, this is
where allot of these type of rating fall over, as they lack true ability to
judge a jockey or a trainer.





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You should be putting a South African Jockey right up there with the HK
champ on some measures and actually ahed on others but Len might disagree
with me whenit comes to their 'value' to you as a bettor.


Len knows more than most but may not want to share much! 


Punter behaviour may confuse any jockey rating values you come up with and
this behaviour may also change over time as perceptions change. So the
question becomes what is more important - jockey rating or punter behaviour
to your bottom line? Possibly the answer changes quite radically over time
and noticing this early on may give you an edge ....... for a time ..... but
not forever.





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I am using a set of jockey ratings that have been calculated over a 12 mnth

Naturally there are potentially some inaccuracies with jockeys currently out
of form or others recently improved and not commanding a high rating.

My question is has anyone ever done any analysis to determine the optimum
period over which to calculate the rating and how often to update it ?

Thanks in advance.



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