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That doesn't surprise me Mike, jockeys are only as good as the rides they get.
Trainers are only as good as the horses they get.
Generally speaking.
So if a trainer starts getting good horses, it reflects a purple patch for the stable and non stable jockeys which get given the rides.

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Peter & Terry & Co

I have produced both Jockey and Trainer ratings since April 2016, firstly over a 3 month period, then 6 months, then 9 months, 12 months and recently 14 months.
The performance did appear to improve at 6 months but I have detected very little change since then.
To me the most interesting thing has been that my Trainer ratings outperform the Jockey ratings when it comes to profitable selections.
The Strike Rate for my Trainer ratings was fractionally lower but the POT% was almost twice as good as for the Jockey ratings.

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