[AusRace] Tarcoola - The Horse and the House

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Yes, it was (an interesting read). Thanks for sharing.
Tony, it brought back memories of days in the 70's when I used to haul greyhounds to race at Queanbeyan. As we left Goulburn heading South, I took a left turn a couple of hundred yards from the address you mentioned.... and yes, they were yards not metres :) I think the last time I wnet through there was on the way home from Canberra races in about 1984 or 1985. We were fielding back then trying to earn our way onto the metropolitan tracks. There were a couple of young-ish (compared to me in my mid-30s) brothers who basically led the ring. I think either one or both of them made it t0 the Saturday metrop meetings but we decided it was more profitable to be on the ground rather than on the stand. That decision, coupled with our best form analyst going to work for Mark Read, eventually led to our group dissolving.
But, obviously, I digress. Suffice to say Tony, your story brought back many memories and for that I'm truly grateful
Cheers all.

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Interesting Read Tony

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