[AusRace] API & Prizemoney Earnings are useless numbers

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Hi Mike,
I must say I don't use career earnings nor prizemoney in any of my methods, but if you go to the RISA site, it will tell you the splits e.g. $8815 plus $9,600 in bonuses.

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For those Punters that may consider comparing horses Career Earnings or the API derived from Prizemoney please be very aware of the following.

AAP form information includes all the various bonus earnings that some horses collect simply from being registered for Owners & Breeders incentives and often paid for running a place as well as winning. AAP form is widely distributed to Newspapers, TAB's and Subbies like Bestform.

Racing & Sports do not include VOBIS, SuperVOBIS, SABOIS or other Bonuses in their Online form.

The problem that I see is that not all horses in a race are eligible for these bonuses and so any comparisons using Horse Prizemoney or API are not truly apples with apples.

We had a race at Geelong last Saturday where AAP had Prince Of Venice with Earnings of $18415 while R&S showed the same horse with $8815 from its four starts with a formline of 7th-6th-2nd-3rd. You can imagine the difference those numbers made to the API? 2.2 compared to 4.6!

There have been many such anomalies  and in my opinion it makes those particular form criteria useless numbers.

I am not aware if the same problem applies outside Australia?

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