[AusRace] The Longshot Plan

Tony Moffat tonymoffat at bigpond.com
Sun Jul 9 17:56:15 AEST 2017

Terry, hi - back fitted, do you think?

I have not been able to replicate those results, and I came forward a
fair way, towards the 80's.


This author has presented his results so carefully and that is what
appealed to me.

I like(d) the way they wrote their spiel too, tenacity of purpose and
if it fails, it's you, not the scheme.


Hard to see how the decisions to use the selection criteria arrived,
that would be back fitting, as the results

thinned in later years.


My comment to re-think the use of the MC is wrong. The winners total
prices summed to 61, and this

figure improved over several years.


The original plan called for frequent withdrawals, to pay yourself,

and reserve banks, and I think the stake was frozen at $1000 (maybe







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IF, and it is a big IF, one can get the consistency of results than
such betting plans certainly can turn a small sum into a big one.


Those results do appear to be VERY back fitted of course.


Bank growth of 85 times in a day is my record on paper BUT the same
plan can lose 100% in a day or make anywhere in between.





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