[AusRace] "We'll Bet You"

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CentreBet and ClassicBet are the worst Len.
You'd think they'd want to even their books a little because most of the action takes place on the favourite or firmers in the market.
But that's never the case, their little servers and databases refer your bet to a bookmaker who rejects simply on liability, probably because you're a winning punter, but not necessarily so.

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Yes, sure you will CentreBet.
I asked for $100 Randwick 1/5 @ 126.00, knocked back to $16, which is their right.
CentreBet treated me with well-deserved distain and lengthened it to 151.00, obviously wanting to hold more money than my $16, so I asked for $100 at 151.00. Rejected in full, which is again their right, but why drift it if they won't take even 50c at that price?
"Pathetic" does not do them justice.

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