[AusRace] Credit Betting to be closed with Corporates.

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TAB seemingly  joined the crooks - I backed Ipswich 9/7 at 8:51:42 (21+ minutes after final scratching time) @ 2.00, they had at that time the 4 runners at 13.0, 21.0, 2.10, 2.00 = 111%, pretty much par for a 4 horse field. 


Sportsbet shows the scratching times and deductions as:


7:08 0

7:30 10%

8:20 20%

8:30 24%


TAB's final prices for the 4 were 6.0, 19.0, 4.0, 3.30, so if TAB claims they were in the market I bet into, the market% would have been 187%, and they NEVER have a market anywhere like that.


So what did they deduct? 86%, paying out at 1.14. Yes, they paid at 1.14 foe an even money bet when the market% for the final runners at the time of the bet was 111%.


There is no point in taking it up with the NTRC, as they are as crooked as the worst corporate and the simple arithmetic, let alone interpretation thereof, would be beyond them, and I had a very bad morning and broke my Golden Rule - I did not take a screen shot.





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Hi Peter,

It’s really getting ridiculous, what about successful punters’ rights.

The new Interactive Gambling Legislation means I cannot get on any casino sites, nor use any UK based bookmakers.

Everybody rabbiting on about Equal Rights recently, what about our rights?

A nanny State and a nanny Country, I no longer have choices, the politicians know what’s best for us as a group, not as an individual.




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Thanks to our Govt I will have to find another way to fund my betting.

It will be a nuisance keeping money in a few accounts or using a debit card if short of funds.

Sportsbet is the first and the others by Feb 2018.


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