The Sartin Method by Matt Noreen Tue Sep 13 22:17:33 1994

Subject: Sartin Method

The Sartin Methodology is a pace handicapping "method" which was founded by Dr. Howard Sartin in 1975 or so.

Dr. Sartin was given a group of teamsters by the state of Ca. who were compulsive gamblers. His goal was to cure them.

Rather then recommend abstinence, he did research and developed a technique for winning at the races. When most of the teamsters saw that the races could yield a moderate profit, with a large investment of their time, they lost interest. Psychologically, they were looking for the magic "get rich quick" scheme.

Sartin's methodology is based on pace handicapping. He has done a bit of research in the last 20 years. The early tenets of the methodology are laid out in two books "Pace Makes the Race" Hambleton, et. al. and "Modern Pace Handicapping" by Tom Brohamer. These books are available from the gambler's book club.

Fundamentally, the user selects pace lines from the DRF for a race. A pace line such as:

           dist 1    2     3    fin    beaten lengths at each call.
Holy Bull  6f  22.0  44.2  55.0  110.0  0  0  0  0

The user enters a representative line for each horse. Then, using computer software the user matches up the horses in the race.

Programs are available that download the horses from BRIS, select the pace line, produce morning lines, and do the simulation.

If you want to contact them directly, call them at 909-845-5907 between 1 pm and 3 pm. Pacific Time - or write me back for an address.

Happy Handicapping.

Matt Noreen

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